I’ve taken a break from blogging for the last few weeks while I’ve been trying to finish a manuscript. The book is not yet done, but I’m ready to get back to regularly commenting on immigration developments. Many of you know that I post regularly on Twitter and that hasn’t slowed down. My account is @gsiskind and I welcome you to follow me there along with reading what I have to write here.

Last Friday, Immigration Voice, the organization that has zealously represented highly skilled immigrants for several years, posted an interesting announcement indicating that on Monday, May 4th, a major announcement would be coming from the Administration that should not be missed. A lot of people got their hopes up over the weekend as speculation circulated regarding “pre-registration”, the Visa Bulletin being made current, recapture of unused green cards and more.

When nothing happened on Monday, many questioned whether IV knew what they were talking about. Today the group gave more information on what they had learned and, in fact, it’s consistent with another source of mine.

The White House has been working on the visa modernization plan that was mentioned in the President’s November remarks. The document is not actually going to change anything right away, but it will get in to the specifics of what actions the Administration plans to take. After the plan is released, we’ll begin to see the ideas implemented via guidance memoranda and new regulations. IV is now reporting that the plan, originally set for release on Monday, will now be released in a few weeks. I’m expecting to see the “pre-registration” concept in that document based on a recent statement by Ur Jaddou, the USCIS chief counsel, at an AILA conference in DC. But what else will be on the list is not yet clear.