Immigrant of the week

Chances are, you have probably received or sent Edible Arrangements before, whether it is for celebration or mourning. This week, I will be sharing the story of Tariq Farid, the founder of Edible Arrangements. Edible Arrangements is a company that sends baskets of fruit carved out to look like a flower bouquet, and they have taken the market by storm. Farid was born in Sahiwal, Pakistan in 1969 as the oldest of six children. Farid immigrated with his family to the United States in 1981. In the United States, Farid worked in a flower shop to make money but ventured out on his own at the age of 17 to start his own.

In 2018, the expected revenue for Edible Arrangements was $600 million and had 900 franchises across nine countries. Farid did not build Edible Arrangements without facing roadblocks but knew the flower business in and out by the time he started his company. To help out with his family finances, Farid started working at Farricielli’s Flowers in West Haven, where he helped bring flowers to customer’s cars, cleaned up the shop, and made bouquets. Today, Farid credits much of his entrepreneurial spirit from the owner of Farricielli’s Flowers, Mr. Charlie Farricielli. This incredible idea grew from a small-scale to a staple in the floral and gift-giving industry.


— Contributed by Eden Siskind