Immigrant of the week

After great feedback and interest with the focus on immigrant entrepreneurs, I am continuing the next month with four more exciting immigrants who opened groundbreaking companies in the United States. This week, I selected Adam Neumann, the founder and former CEO of WeWork. I am first choosing Neumann because he recently was asked to step down from his company after a failed IPO. Today, WeWork is one of the most well-known companies around the world. If you walk around New York City or London, there is a chance you can pass one, two, or three WeWork offices along your way.

Adam Neumann was born in Tel Aviv, Israel, and moved with his mother and sister to the United States at the age of seven for his mother’s medical residency. However, four years later, his family moved back to Israel, where he graduated from the Israeli Naval Academy and served as an officer in the Israeli Navy for five years. Afterward, Neumann moved to the United States again to attend Baruch College in New York. In 2009, Neumann met his now-wife Rebekah Paltrow Neumann, and in 2010, Neumann and his wife founded WeWork on the principles of togetherness that he grew up within Israel that he did not find in the United States. Although Neumann is no longer the CEO of WeWork, he has most certainly changed the business workspace industry forever.

— Contributed by Eden Siskind