Immigrant of the week

Have you ever needed a boost of energy, but not sure where to get it? I bet at one time or another you passed a Five Hour Energy shot and were tempted to take it. Maybe you are even addicted to Five Hour Energy like so many Americans today. Well if so, you have the Indian immigrant, Manoj Bhargava to thank! At the age of fourteen, Bhargava moved from Lucknow, India to Philadelphia with his family.

After growing up in America and attending high school, he attended Princeton University for one year. However, instead of following the traditional path into a business as his father took, Bhargava moved back to India after dropping out of college and became a monk in the mountains for 12 years.

He moved back to the United States and formed a successful career in the plastics industry, but while attending a health trade fair, he discovered a formula for 5-hour energy. In 2003 he created Innovations Ventures LLC and launched 5-hour energy, which grew in sales to $1 billion by 2012, just nine years later.

— Contributed by Eden Siskind