Immigrant of the week

Jane Wurwand

Perhaps the best way to introduce Jane Wurwand is her twitter bio: Co-Founder Dermalogica. Skin Therapists OG Tribal Leader. Pres. Obama Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship. Mother, Wife, Immigrant & Badass Bowie fan girl. Jane Wurwand was born and raised in the United Kingdom and met her husband while working in South Africa.

Both of them immigrated to Los Angeles in 1983, where they continue to reside now. Wurwand saw the gap in the skincare market and started by offering low-cost skincare classes to cosmetologists in the area at The International Dermal Institute. In 1986 Wurwand founded Dermalogica, which is one of the most popular skincare brands in America and around the world. Every single product of the number one skincare brand is made in Southern California and shipped out of Los Angeles.

Since 2010, Wurwand has been an active member of the international community, speaking on behalf and as an inspiration for female entrepreneurs.

— Contributed by Eden Siskind