The story this past week that two New York City police officers were shot execution-style by a gunman with a political agenda has saddened and outraged the country regardless of one’s views on the various police shooting incidents that have been in the news over the last several months. The senseless killings of Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos remind us that police work is dangerous and we owe gratitude to those willing to take the risks.

And that is surely the case with Chinese-born Wenjian Liu. According to The Gothamist:

Liu immigrated to the United States from China in 1994, at age 12. A statement from the family noted, “He arrived to America and attended Lafayette High School where he learned to speak English. He then went on to study at Kingsboro Community College and the College of Staten Island majoring in Accounting. Traditionally, Asian families want their children to become professionals in the field of medicine or finance.”

However, Liu was an auxiliary police officer before joining the NYPD seven years ago; the statement continued, “Wen Jian was active within the Police Department. He was an asset to the Police Department using his Chinese Language skills whenever and wherever it was needed. When he was off duty, he participated in the social and fraternal functions with the NYPD Asian Jade Society, where he has been a member since 2007. Wen Jian married Pei Xia Chen in September of this year. He was looking forward to having his own family. Wen Jian is proud to be a New York City Police Officer.”

New York Police Commissioner William Bratton announced this morning that both Officers Lie and Ramos were being promoted posthumously to detective first grade. A deserving honor for two officers who made the ultimate sacrifice in their work.

Greg Siskind