OK, I normally wouldn’t be writing about a real estate lawyer. Not that I dislike them, but it’s about the driest area of law that comes to mind (sorry, real estate law friends). But I am highly impressed by Ukrainian-born Murray Shusterman who the ABA Journal reports is still practicing AT 101 YEARS OF AGE!

The dapper Murray told the Philadelphia Inquirer “What? Retire? Sit in a rocking chair and wait to die?” Of course, he could just decide to spend his time with these guys. The Temple Law School grad has been practicing since 1936. Practicing law continuously for 78 years seems like it must make him the longest practicing lawyer in America. He’s got a pretty impressive background to boot. He earned a masters in political science from the University of Pennsylvania, was Philadelphia’s Deputy City Solicitor, taught at Temple’s law school and held numerous leadership positions in Philadelphia’s Jewish community.

I really love what I do and could see myself practicing well in to my twilight years. Murray has given me a little inspiration.

Greg Siskind