Peruvian-born Paul Cuadros is  an award-winning investigative journalist who has written for publications like Time and and is a journalism professor at the University of North Carolina. Next week, he’ll be known as the coach of Los Jets. On July 16th, Cable network NuvoTV will begin broadcasting the six-part documentary Los Jets .

Produced by Jennifer Lopez, Los Jets tells the story of Siler City, North Carolina’s Jordan-Matthews High School’s soccer team.  The team was the brainchild of Cuadros who moved to Siler City fifteen years ago with a grant to study the growing Latino population in the American South. Cuadros spent time with workers in local poultry and meat-packing plants and decided to help their kids form a soccer team at the local high school. Many of the kids on the team were immigrants themselves and some are DREAMers struggling with their own immigration issues. How Cuadros molded Los Jets in to a state champion and the impact the team has had on the community is the story that will be told in the mini-series.

The series is timely as well. Cuadros told the Kansas City Star that migration patterns in his community have changed in recent years. Mexican immigration has declined significantly and most of the new migrants in the community are coming from El Salvardor, Honduras and Guatemala with most fleeing spiraling violence and poverty. The new kids on Los Jets resemble the children in detention camps at the border.


Greg Siskind