Primaries were held in several states yesterday (including my home state of Tennessee). Immigration factored in only a couple of races. That alone is interesting since it suggests that the issue wasn’t seen as enough to get far right candidates to jump in to the race and for those who made it an issue, it wasn’t a winner.

The race most people were watching was in North Carolina where Republican Congresswoman Renee Ellmers faced off against Frank Roche. Roche entered the race solely based on Ellmers taking moderate immigration positions. Ellmers easily won. Her near 20 percent margin was greater than her 2012 primary margin of victory.

House Speaker John Boehner faced several anti-immigrant primary opponents (including this one), the strongest of which was able to get only 21% of the vote.

And Ohio Republican David Joyce, seen as being an immigration moderate, faced off against Matt Lynch who made immigration a major issue during his time in the Ohio legislature. Joyce won by a ten point margin.

There have been several election cycles in a row where anti-immigrant candidates were unable to score any wins over immigration moderate incumbents. In fact, the last victory was in 2008 when Utah Congressman Chris Cannon lost to Jason Chaffetz. Interestingly, Chaffetz’s views on immigration have started to moderate.

Greg Siskind