Canada’s Globe and Mail reports that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was denied entry to the US on a trip to Chicago last week. The attempted entry came after the mayor announced plans to enter a rehab facility. From the Globe and Mail:

After announcing he was taking time off to go to rehab, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford boarded a plane to Chicago last Thursday, landed, but then turned around before officially entering the United States.

“He voluntarily withdrew his application to enter the USA,” Consul General of Canada in Chicago, Roy Norton, confirmed to The Globe and Mail in an e-mail, saying the Toronto mayor “was not denied entry, per se.”


Asked for specifics, CBP spokesperson Kris Grogan said the privacy act prevents officials from commenting on “an individual’s processing,” but he pointed out that anyone hoping to enter the United States must “overcome all grounds of inadmissibility” – which include criminality, security reasons and documentation requirements, among dozens of others.


Greg Siskind