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  • ILW.COM was founded in 1995, by the Hake family. The website was purchased by American Immigration, LLC in 1999. ILW.COM launched the first email newsletter in the immigration law field, Immigration Daily in May 2000
  • Since 1999, ILW has been focused on overall US immigration. ILW has two divisions: law publishing and boutique marketing services. We are a small, customer-focused company – about one dozen people, our offices are in mid-town Manhattan. ILW Publisher Sam Udani has been in the immigration field for 20+ years.
  • ILW’s flagship product is Immigration Daily, an online newspaper sent out by email each working day to 32,000+ subscribers. During the last 12 months, Immigration Daily featured 1,500+ articles from 300+ authors. Immigration subscribers include 10,000+ attorneys, paralegals, and corporate HR personnel, 10,000+ immigrants, hundreds of people in academia, think tanks and journalists, 1,000+ officials at US Department of Labor, US Department of State, US Department of Homeland Security, and other executive branch agencies, dozens of people in courts throughout the country, many members of Congress and their staff in both parties and both Chambers on the Hill, 100+ officials in state governments across the country, and thousands of other people interested in US immigration law and policy. Immigration Daily has been quoted in published and unpublished opinions by federal courts.
  • ILW is a certified Continuing Legal Education (CLE) provider for the states of Texas and California, and 8 other states by reciprocity. We have been conducted over 500 CLE seminars to immigration attorneys during the last 12 years. ILW provides most of the immigration law CLE seminar content on Westlaw and law.com.
  • ILW has published 20+ books in immigration law (most titles intended for lawyers) covering every major area of immigration law during the last 8 years. In addition, for 10+ years ILW distributes 7 immigration law titles from 3 other law publishers (American Lawyer Media, Juris Publishing and Legal Research Bureau). ILW.COM has co-published a book with the Society of Human Resource Management.
  • ILW has conducted 30+ all-day CLE workshops in most major US cities, about half of which have been on EB5 investor visas – we have also conducted events in Canada, China and India. 3 of our events have focused on EB5 investors, not attorneys.
  • ILW’s newest venture, for the last 3+ years is in providing marketing services to a small handful of law firms (about a dozen) and a small handful of EB5 Regional Centers (about a dozen).
  • ILW.COM’s website has 250,000+ visitors each month, and 2,000,000+ page views each month. ILW’s LinkedIn Group has 2,500+ immigration professionals, and ILW’s Twitter feed has 11,000+ followers, ILW.COM’s discussion board has 20,000+ registered users.ILW.COM features 50,000+ pages of free immigration information online, the largest content repository for US immigration law information on the worldwideweb. For 13+ years,ILW.COM averages as approximately the 12,500th largest US website.